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Please carefully review the Guidelines before approaching the Foundation for funding.

If you have a question that is not addressed below, please submit your question by e-mail to lmcd@orsingerfoundation.org with a cc to macazier@orsingerfoundation.org. You will receive a response by return e-mail.

What is the grantmaking philosophy of the Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation?

The Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation seeks to improve people's lives by supporting organizations and institutions in Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall and Travis Counties that give people the tools to become educated, healthy, and self-reliant through the grantmaking areas of Cultural Enrichment, Education and Human Services.

What are the Foundation's plans for funding in 2020?

Please check the Guidelines.

What is the foundation's funding range?

In order to support our Strengthening the Family Unit initiative, the Foundation Board has committed to a gradual spend out of assets over a timeline of six to 10 years. There will be no set amount on grants. 2020 will be the second year of this timeline.

What organizations are eligible for foundation funding?

Grant applicants must be tax exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. We do not fund 509(a)(3) Supporting Organizations or International Agencies. Preference will be given to requests that have funding from other sources.

What activities are not funded by the foundation?

The Foundation does not provide grants to individuals or for scholarships, debt reduction, start-ups, capital campaigns, endowments, fundraising events or sponsorships. The Genevieve and Ward Orsinger Foundation is committed to the principle of equal opportunity, and therefore, will not support organizations that discriminate against individuals on the basis of age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, or religious belief in administration of their employment or service policies.

Are any grants given outside the guidelines?

Yes, the board can initiate a special project/program, and the trustees have a limited amount that they may use to recommend as a Trustee-Initiated Grant. These are by invitation only.

What are the geographic restrictions for funding?

The grants are for programs operating in Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall and Travis Counties.

Will the Foundation's focus stay the same in future years?

The Board of Trustees will evaluate our grantmaking on an ongoing basis, so it is possible that the focus may shift in future years but will always align with our founder's longtime vision of supporting programs that give people the tools to become educated, healthy, and self-reliant through the grantmaking areas of Cultural Enrichment, Education and Human Services.

May an organization submit an application for a multiple year grant?

No, not at this time.

May we submit an application that would cover two programs?

Yes, if the two programs come together to satisfy the Strengthening the Family Unit initiative.

If my organization submits a grant application, is it possible that the organization may be awarded less money than requested?

Yes, and it also may be awarded more.

If we create a collaborative partnership between multiple agencies, does each agency need to submit an application?

No. The collaboration needs to choose one organization to be the lead agency. If you are submitting as a collaboration, each agency must attend all meetings and each agencies budget for the partnership and responsibilities must be designated/outlined.

If our organization is collaborating with another organization, do I need a letter stating that they are involved in the program?

No, that will be a part of the application.

How competitive will the application process be in applying for grant funds?

Historically, the Foundation receives many more requests than we could possibly fund. Our board will review each application to find the best fit for our Strengthening the Family Unit Initiative.

May we call you to ask questions?

We prefer that all questions regarding the process be emailed to lmcd@orsingerfoundation.org with a cc to macazier@orsingerfoundation.org. We will provide you with a written response.

May we submit a letter of recommendation or promotional materials such as brochures, audio visual presentations, etc.?

No. Since we are operating from a virtual office, we have no storage space for such items, and they will be discarded upon receipt.

What will cause my application to be automatically declined?

Duplicate accounts created (please check with macazier@orsingerfoundation.org if you are unsure whether or not your organization already has an account).

Submission after the deadline (you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement after submitting the application. If you do not receive the acknowledgment email and it is not in your spam folder, contact macazier@orsingerfoundation.org (See "Safe Sender" question below.)

Initial submission through any other means other than our online process, which is accessible through the "click here" link on the Guidelines page on the website. Please be sure that the guidelines you use have the following header: 2020 GRANT APPLICATION PROCESS AND GUIDELINES.

Missing attachments or other requested documents. Please read and follow instructions and submit information as requested.

A budget that does not include the Foundation request as pending revenue. Contact macazier@orsingerfoundation.org if you would like to see a sample budget.

Having a past-due follow-up (e.g. final report) from a previous grant.

Does the Foundation fund salary support or consultant fees?

Historically we have not funded more than 50% of personnel costs (Salary/Wages, Benefits, Consultant Fees, and Contract labor, Interns and/or Stipends) on either Program or General Operating support requests. The 50% of personnel costs refers to the amount of the grant request, not 50% of the total project budget. Due to the new approach, we will visit on this issue during the application process and may find we need to be flexible on percent of personnel costs.

If our application is declined, will we be able to receive feedback from the reviewers as to why we were not selected?

We will do our best to provide informative feedback to those who request it.

If awarded a grant, what is the distribution date?

Distribution dates will vary according to when:
   • all required grant paperwork is received;
   • the organization's funded program start date occurs.

Typically, an initial payment will be made at the beginning of the funding cycle and a follow-up payment after a site visit during the grant cycle, which will include an update on the program and its work with the clients. This will normally be done 6 months after the initial payment.

All grant funds must be distributed by December 15 of the calendar year.

If our organization has previously created an account on your online process and there has been a change in personnel/contact information, do we create a new account?

No. Simply update the contact information in your account. If you are not able to access the old account, contact macazier@orsingerfoundation.org to help you change the personnel/contact information. If a new account is created, causing multiple accounts for the same organization, any request you submit will not be considered.

How can I make sure that I receive emails from the Foundation?

To ensure that you receive e-mail communication from the Foundation, please be sure to update your information in our system if your contact person has changed. In addition, please add the e-mail address administrator@grantinterface.com to your list of safe senders by following the Safe Sender instructions below. These instructions also appear in our e-mails.

1. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Junk, and then click Junk E-Mail Options.
2. Select the Safe Sender tab and click Add.
3. Add e-mail address administrator@grantinterface.com and click OK.


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